DON’T WORRY, nobody on any of these pictures ever said: ‘I love to pose’. And I don’t expect that of you either. Leave the pictures over to me. I’ve got you covered.

For me it’s important to understand what’s important to you. The unique moments & emotions of a wedding. Your family and friends. Those you see regularly & those you haven’t seen in a while, but are so looking forward give a big hug. The exchange of vows that you are nervous about but can’t wait to share. The details you put a lot of thought into in that venue that just feels right.



Simon possesses the unique ability to capture the essence of love, freezing the most cherished moments in time, ensuring that the beauty and emotions of the special day are forever fetched in memories and photographs.


Madly in love

Simon Leclercq – Native Dutch speaker but perfectly trilingual. Born in Belgium, lived in England and have been speaking French with a part of my family all my life.